• How to Set Up Weather Forecast on Your Mi Band Using Zepp Life

    This post is a step-by-step guide on how to set up weather forecast on your Mi Band using the Zepp Life app.  The weather information that is displayed on your Mi Band comes from your phone (technically, from the Xiaomi Weather Server via Zepp Life).  For you to receive up-to-date weather forecast on your Mi…

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    Zepp Life App vs Mi Fitness App

    Today, I want to talk about two apps that can be used with Xiaomi wearables: Zepp Life and Mi Fitness. You might be wondering what the differences between them are and which one is better for you. Well, we’re here to help. Zepp Life is the new name of the Mi Fit app, which was…

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    Zepp Life vs Mi Fitness

  • How to Reboot your Mi Band

    Today, I am going to share with you how to reboot your Mi Smart Band. If you are having problems with your Mi Band, such as syncing issues, battery drain, or unresponsive screen, rebooting is your first troubleshooting step. Rebooting is different from a factory reset, as it does not erase any data or settings…

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    How to Reboot your Mi Band

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