How to Turn on your Mi Band

How to Turn on your Mi Band

This post is a simple guide on how to turn on you Mi Band 5, 6, 7 and 8.

After purchasing your Mi Band, you’ll notice that it does not have an on and off button!

How do you turn it on?

Well, your Mi Band should always be on, as long as it has enough charge in the battery. And tapping or swiping the screen should wake up the screen. If you have paired you Mi Band with your phone, you can also set it to wake up the screen when you raise up your band.

If none of these actions turn on your band, then you need to charge your Mi Band.

Step 1: Charge Your Mi Band

Step 1: Charge Your Mi Band

After receiving your Mi Smart Band, it will automatically turn on if it has at least 3% battery charge.

If it does not turn on, charge the Mi Band for at least 30 minutes to turn on. If it doesn’t turn on after charging, connect it again to the charger and charge it for a little while longer.

Here is a dedicated post on how you can charge your Mi Band.

Step 2: Pair Your Mi Band with your Phone

Step 2: Pair Your Mi Band with your Phone

After charging your Mi Band, the Mi Band will request you to pair it with your phone. We have dedicated posts on how to connect and pair your phone with your Mi Band using the Mi Fitness app and how to connect and pair your Mi Band with your phone using Zepp Life.

When I purchased my Mi Band 5 and 6, they wouldn’t turn on. But after charging them for about an hour, they did.

Mi Band 7, and 8 come with a system setting that enables you to shut down your Mi Band. To turn on these bands, insert a powered charging cable and the band will turn on.

My guess is that all Mi Bands are sent from the manufacture with a charged battery, but after sitting on the store shelves for a few months, they lose this charge and need to be charged a little bit before they can turn on.

That it for this post. Hope you enjoyed this short guide on how to turn on your mi Band. If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments, let us know in the comment section below. 

2 responses to “How to Turn on your Mi Band”

  1. asif Avatar

    I have not used it for 3months so it lost battery backup & switched off after a longtime connected to port fr a change but it won’t woke up

    1. Mark Avatar

      The trick seems to be connecting and disconnecting it to the charger a number of times.
      It could be that the battery is totally dead too (depends on the age)…which model do you own?

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